Simple Steps Towards Halal Certification

Process of Halal Certification for Food and Non-Food Products

Clients fills Application Form :

Mention details about the company & products required to be Halal certified.

Proposal Acceptance & Payment of Certification fees

Client accepts to the Terms & Conditions of the Contract & transfers the agreed Certification fees.

Client accepts proposal & sends certification fees to IHCP

Along with signed copy of legal Agreement + Use of Halal Mark undertaking.

Evaluation of the Ingredients/Raw Materials

Evaluation of the source & manufacturing process of all ingredients/raw materials/packaging material for traceability purpose, to determine its Halal statues from Shariah & Scientific perspective.

In certain case for additional traceability purpose, IHC may get the ingredient tested, to verify its Halal status, if required.

Stage 1 & Stage 2 – On-Site Audits

On-Site Audits shall be carried out by IHC auditors at the production facility. It’s a detailed inspection of the entire production facility including raw material storage; manufacturing process; packaging/filling area; finished products storage; dispatch, to verify the compliance with the applicable Halal Standards, as well as the detailed review of all Halal Food Management System documentation.

Decision Committee

The Stage-1 and Stage-2 Audit Reports along with the Corrective Actions & its evidences from the client (if any) are submitted to the IHC Decision Committee, for final review and a decision on the Issuance of Halal Certificate.

**Halal Certificate Issued**