Halal is an Arabic word which means Permitted, Allowed, Lawful in Islam. Basically, all products are Halal, except those which are declared Haram as per Shariah, including pork & other Non-Halal animals, carrions, animals slaughtered improperly, ethanol & other intoxicants, contaminated and hazardous food etc. The Halal market includes Food products & Food services, as well as Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Personal Care Products, Cleaning Agents, Packaging Material, Animal & Poultry feed, Hospitality & Tourism, Modest Clothing and Logistics.


The food industry evolved from Organic to Processed Food, Freshly prepared to Frozen Food, Home Cooked to Fast Food and now Genetically Modified Foods…

This evolution necessitated innovative methods of production, canning, freezing and dehydrating techniques which led to the loss of natural flavors, aromas, colors and change in the texture of food. This loss was supplemented by the addition of various enzymes & additives which includes, Flavorings; Aromas; Colorants; Emulsifiers; Stabilizers; Preservatives and numerous other Additives.

Due to the possibility of these items containing combination of Haram substances, not visible in the list of ingredients, there is a need for a competent Halal Certifier to conduct an intensive audit, evaluation & review process to trace and ensure that these products do not contain any Haram ingredients.


  • HALAL CERTIFIED; Compliance with the requirements of Quran & Sunnah
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; Guarantee of Halal, Quality, Hygiene & Safety.
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; Obligatory for Muslims – Preferred by Non-Muslims.
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; Internationally recognized & established Brand.
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; Demand of 1.8 billion consumers worldwide.
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; A key to enter Trillion Dollar Global Halal market.
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; Able to enter countries with mandatory Halal requirements.
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; Removes Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs).
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; A USP to market products to Halal conscious consumers.
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; Discharging your responsibility to supply Authentic Halal.
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; Adds Value to your product.
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; Enhance your consumer confidence.
  • HALAL CERTIFIED; Benefit in this World & the Hereafter…

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