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Halal Product Certification​

The Halal Scheme, also referred to as the International Halal Certification in UAE, is a dual certification that covers the product and procedure. It verifies traceability from farm to fork along the whole food chain, verifying ingredients and assessing production, distribution, packaging, transportation, and storage procedures.

Halal Hospitality Certification​

The International Halal Certification is a trailblazer, having been the first to introduce Halal Hospitality Certification in UAE to the hotel and hospitality business. An important unique selling proposition (USP) for hotels is the Halal Hospitality Certification, which draws travelers from Muslim and non-Muslim nations looking for halal lodging.

Industries we serve with Halal Certification in UAE and Globally

Processed Food & Ingredients

Encompassing edibles, raw materials, additives, preservatives, frozen items, packaged goods, as well as ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food products, among others.


Encompassing all beverages, such as juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, health drinks, syrups, milk, water, and any other drinkable items.

Meat & Poultry Abattoirs

Facilities for the processing of various meats, including those from cows, goats, buffaloes, sheep, camels, deer, and all other permissible Halal animals. Additionally, the facilities cover the handling of all types of birds, such as chickens, turkeys, and other Halal avian species.

Food Services Establishments

Encompasses hotels, restaurants, cafes, fast-food outlets, diners, snack bars, catering services, canteens, and various other food service establishments.


Encompasses pharmaceuticals, medications, vaccines, capsules, tablets, syrups, and pharmaceutical ingredients, encompassing both active ingredients and excipients.


Encompasses a variety of nutritional elements, vitamins, supplements, herbal products, and other functional foods.

Cosmetics & Personal care

Encompasses a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products, spanning skin care, face care, body care, hair care, perfumes, and more.

Animal Feeds

Mills for the production of animal and poultry feed.

Modest Fashion

Modest fashion products that primarily include Islamic attire for both women and men, along with textile and leather clothing, leather goods, and various consumer and lifestyle accessories.

Tourism & Hospitality

Halal tourism encompasses Muslim-friendly airlines, hotels, resorts, and destinations that adhere to hospitality requirements. It also extends to the Halal Medical Tourism sector, which primarily involves hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare services.

packaging material

Encompasses both primary and secondary packaging materials utilized for Halal food and non-food items, including pet and glass bottles, packaging films, pouches, caps and covers, drums, aseptic packaging, plastic and aluminum jars, containers, and more.

Cleaning Agent

Encompasses a variety of cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, detergents, and soaps utilized for cleaning food contact surfaces and machinery. This aims to prevent bacterial and microbial growth and ensure the removal of unhygienic substances.

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