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    Processed Food ManufacturerSlaughterhouseManufacturer of Raw Material/ Ingredients/Additives(Food, Beverages, Pharma, Cosmetics)RetailerImporterExporterDistributorCosmetics & Personal Care Products ManufacturerManufacturer of Pharmaceutical ProductsManufacturer of Non-Food itemOthers

    13. Schedule for Halal production* (please tick):
    Regular / Routine halal productionIrregular / weekly / monthly halal productionSeasonal / Occasional / Order based halal production

    14. Is Pork (or any porcine derivative/material) handled, processed or stored on site?

    15. Are Intoxicants used as an ingredient in any of the above products?
    Please provide details of segregation:

    16. Are you willing to use IHCP Logo on Halal Certified Products, your website and Marketing materials?

    17. Which halal standard do you want to be certified under?*
    GSO/UAE 2055-1 (Halal Food Standard)GSO/UAE 993 (Halal Slaughtering Standard)GSO/UAE 2055-4 (Halal Cosmetics & Personal Care Standard)MS 1500 (JAKIM Malaysian Halal Standard)PS 3733 (Pakistan Halal Food Standard)OIC-SMIIC Halal StandardMUIS (Singapore Halal Standard)PS 5319 (Pakistan Halal Cosmetics & Personal Care Standard)

    18. Have you previously been certified under any of the above standards?
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    19. Has the factory obtained any other Certification?
    HACCPISO 22000FSSC 22000ISO 9001BRCOther
    (IF Others, Please specify):

    20. Please state the Body that gave Halal and other Certifications:

    21. Halal Certification required for export purposes only?

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    Saudi ArabiaUAEMalaysiaIndonesiaOthers
    (Please specify):

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    24. The Scope to be Halal Certified:

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    Technical Sharia Experts

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    28. This Question Only for Slaughterhouses:
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    C. Halal Slaughtering Done:
    By Hand

    By Mechanical

    D. Halal Slaughtering Done with Stunning?
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    29. Does your company produce other products that are not offered to us for Halal Certification?
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    Using the same production line with products offered for Halal Certification?
    B. Product Name

    Using the same production line with products offered for Halal Certification?
    C. Product Name

    Using the same production line with products offered for Halal Certification?
    D. Product Name

    Using the same production line with products offered for Halal Certification?
    E. Product Name

    Using the same production line with products offered for Halal Certification?

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        Company Details


        Accommodation Details

        HotelMotelInnsHostelRest HouseBoarding houseHomestayLodgingHouseAccommodation

        Serving FoodBeverageRestaurants served only by a Halal certified kitchenKitchen managed by Muslim staffAll meat used from Halal certified suppliersServesnon-Halal meat (beef, mutton, chicken etc.)Halal meals on MenuHalal food available in room service menu

        Qibla direction pasted in every living room CeilingQibla direction is Visible with an Arrow and the word “Qibla”Prayers Mats available in all RoomAlcohol in the guest room refrigerator or in the mini barPictures / Paintings of Human beings hanged on the living room wallsThe bathroom equipped with Bidetor Hand showeror Water hose

        Prayer matsQIBLA direction markedQuran available on demandWudu facility (ritual washing for prayers)Separate Prayers room available for MenSeparate Prayers room available for LadiesUpdated Prayer timings available in prayer room

        Basic necessities for Sahur in the room in Ramadan (dates & water)Iftar to break the fastSahur & Iftar buffetHalal restaurants listing in the vicinity offering IftarTransport to local mosques

        SWIMMING POOL: Separate ladies poolSame pool with separate timings for ladiesJACUZI: Separate ladies JACUZISame JACUZI with separate timings for ladiesSUANA: Separate ladies SUANASame SUANA with separate timings for ladiesMASSAGE: Massage facilities in ParlorMassage service in guest roomMassage offered by same genderMassage offered by opposite genderFull body massageGYMNASIUM: Separate ladies GYMSame GYM with separate timings for ladiesAbove facilities for Ladies & Men are SeparateCombine

        CasinoGambling tablesSlot MachinesNight clubBarsDiscothequeAdult channels on TVAny non-Halal activitiesAny practices considered non-ethical in Islam

        Alcohol in the restaurantAlcohol in the barAlcohol in the guest room refrigerator or in the mini barPork dishes in the restaurantPork dishes in the room service menu

        RestaurantsFood sale counterFood sale shopsFood service outletsOthers

        Women Salon & Clothes Shop

        Information on nearby Halal food restaurantsInformation on Masjids (Mosque) in the vicinityInformation on touristic/ sightseeing destinationsIslamic clothing for hotel Staff (head, body, arms, legs covered)Female doctors/nurses availability for female patients requiring privacyOption for Females patients to wear appropriate Islamic clothingHalal medications used

        [checkbox* checkbox-771 use_label_element International Halal Certification undertakes that it will guarantee all information supplied by or obtained from the application in respect to its processes, business secrets, prices and operations in the strictest confidence and it will not disclose such information for the benefit of any other person or company."]