Halal Certification in Pakistan, International Halal Certification Body

International Halal Certification” (IHC – Pakistan), is a leading Halal Certification body, duly Accredited by Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC). If you are looking for Halal Certification in Pakistan, UK, UAE, USA, Saudi Arabia, Mexico or in any part of the world, look no further, we are the world leading Halal Certification Body with offices all around the world.

IHC offers Halal Certification services globally for food, beverages, ingredients, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical, animal feed, packaging materials, food service establishments and Hotels to its certified clients all over the world.

IHC SERVICES include “Halal Audit & Certification” for the companies, to verify their implementation of Halal Management System and Certify their Products/Services as Halal. IHC also provides “Awareness Trainings on Halal Food Management System” for the Halal Industry as well as promoting the trade of “Halal Certified Products”.

IHC Halal Certified Mark

The “IHC Halal Certified Mark” is internationally recognized as a Guarantee of Quality, Hygiene & Halal compliance. The IHC HALAL certified companies can use the Halal Mark for branding their products or premises, to demonstrate 100% conformity with Halal standards, assuring the consumers that they are consuming an Authentic Halal product…

International Halal Mark

Mission Statement

  • To be recognized as the most reliable, competent & trustworthy Halal Certification Body in the world.
  • To develop the IHC Halal Logo as THE MARK of Confidence, Satisfaction & Assurance for the Muslim Ummah.
  • To establish the most practical and robust Halal Assurance System, facilitating end-to-end traceability for the Halal products & services.
  • To create awareness among the manufacturers, traders, regulatory authorities, trade bodies, academia & consumers, regarding the challenges faced by the Halal industry and the potential of the Global Halal Market.

Our Values

  • IHC always endorses the ethical working practices, reflecting honesty, transparency and adherence to Islamic guidelines.
  • IHC offers friendly working environment to its staff, promotes teamwork and support on-the-job training development programs.
  • IHC endeavors to engage with the community and integrate with all its stakeholders in halal and food related issues.
  • IHC believes in hunger free world & equality for all human beings and indulges itself into Social & CSR activities towards feeding the hungry, education & healthcare sectors.
  • IHC does not encourage or support any specific religious or political agenda.

Our Team

Our team of Lead Auditors, Technical Experts (Food Technologists, Veterinarians, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Experts), Shariah Experts and Researchers are highly qualified in their respective fields and work diligently, utilizing their abilities to serve both the Muslim community and wider Halal Industry.

Moreover, our Food Technologists, Auditors and Researchers are highly qualified & have relevant Graduate and Post-Graduate degrees from reputable universities, as well as extensive experience of medium & large industries across the globe, in all sectors of Halal Food & Non-Food products. International Halal Certification is active in the Global Halal Fraternity and regularly participates in various Halal related workshops & trainings at local and international forums.

Organizational Structure